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      Home of the official Red River College retiree blog. The place for retirees to stay connected.

      All meetings and outings have been ncelled due to COVID-19

      10th year in a row!

      RRC is again named one of nada’s Greenest Employers! We have so much to be proud of, from our environmentally friendly policies and programs, to our staff engagement in wide-ranging sustainability efforts such as reducing waste and energy consumption, mpus greening, composting programs, community maker markets, environmentally friendly building management, sustainable transportation, and more.

      Give the gift of higher edution
      HG Award ad

      The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursaries Initiative (MSBI) now contributes one dollar for every dollar donated. There has never been a better time to give.

      Geoff Bresch

      Geoffrey George Frank Bresch passed away on June 4, at home in Penticton, BC. Geoff had worked at both Market Driven Training Centre (a one-time affiliate of RRC), and as an instructor in the Computer Analyst/Programmer and Business Information Technology programs, from which he retired in 2016. A memorial service will be held in Winnipeg…

      Bernard Waddington

      Bernard Waddington passed peacefully at Misericordia Place on May 8, 2020. Bernard was a Heavy Duty Mechanic who ended his reer as an Automotive instructor in RRCC’s Industrial & Technology Division. (link to Bardal obituary)

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